Creating an Ongoing Feedback System for Customer-Inspired Innovation

An integrated feedback system is automatically updated with any and all customer comments. This ongoing product input is then incorporated into future audiometric product development. This willingness to listen closely to the customer’s input and then respond, by constantly improving the product line, has resulted in Benson Medical becoming the industry favorite by providing up-to-the-moment seamless solutions for industrial audiometric and pulmonary function testing, and hearing conservation and spirometry program management.

At Benson Medical Instruments, everything is seamlessly integrated by design.

Choose the leader in hearing conservation and occupational spirometry for your testing program.

Benson Medical Instruments designs and manufactures the most comprehensive and integrated Hearing Conservation and Occupational Spirometry Compliance Solutions available today. Delivering cost-effective occupational health testing systems to sites around the globe.

Benson is the sole provider to the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and Canadian Department of National Defence Hearing Conservation Programs. In the private sector, Benson provides solutions for a full array of Fortune 500 Companies, including (but not limited to): Alcoa, Chrysler, Dow Chemical, 3M, Proctor & Gamble, and The Boeing Company, as well as being a pivotal supplier to regional and national healthcare provider networks offering Occupational Hearing Conservation and Pulmonary Function Programs. Additionally, Benson Medical works with hundreds of small- and medium-sized companies through its nationwide distributor network.

A History of Innovation
Benson got its start by developing audiometers for high-volume hearing conservation group testing. Its first technically advanced computer-controlled audiometric system was designed to automate group control while delivering superior data handling and reduced test times. Mobile test providers no longer had to operate separate audiometers to begin testing or to save the results. The built-in OptiLevel feature streamlined the test-taking process by using past test results to customize to the individual, thereby reducing test time by approximately one third. The IntelliTesting feature, designed to detect errors, automatically retest, or allow the operator to retest, delivered more accurate, higher-quality test results. These smart innovations evolved into an audiometric system that since 1997 has been deployed in every occupational health program in the US Department of Defense, revolutionizing its entire Hearing Conservation Program.

Leading With One Product Innovation After Another
Benson introduced the first new audiometer of the 21st century with revolutionary features such as unlimited audiogram storage, full-page multilingual notification letters, and the ability to back up data to a floppy disk—all FIRSTS in the industry.

In keeping with delivering the best solutions by harnessing the right technology, Benson Medical offers options for audiometric data management. As the leader in easy data management, Benson Medical’s Solo™, a multi-user database that collects data from all Benson Medical audiometers, interfaces with most manufacturers’ equipment, integrates with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014™ platform, so data can be easily manipulated, backed-up, sent to, and retrieved from anywhere in the world!

The Plus Package Software for the CCA-200mini Audiometer and CCS-200 Spirometer allows for in-depth analysis, reporting and record maintenance through an integrated database. Test data stored and shared between the audiometer and spirometer is consolidated into one employee record, thus simplifying OSHA and MSHA record keeping and eliminating the need to retype data into two systems.

Benson Medical introduced the first integrated sound level meter to both ensure and document compliance with ambient noise regulations during audiometric testing. This powerful system is key to ensuring effective hearing conservation programs for non-optimal environments, which require a Quiet Room (see the White Paper).

Benson was the innovation leader with the first goof-proof paper-loading mechanism in the NEXT stand-alone audiometer. Additionally, the state-of-the-art CCA-200mini Plus audiometer (now the same size as a small stack of index cards) seamlessly integrates audiometric testing, analysis, and reporting.

In 2017, Benson Medical introduced the first earplug fit test system that allows fit testing in multiple stations simultaneously. The CCF-200 Fit Test System integrates with the
CCA-200mini Audiometer and CCS-200 Spirometer database.

That same year, Benson Cloud Services was launched. This cloud-based audiometric database management system is accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection. Data is stored and transferred in a HIPAA-compliant system that helps meet OSHA, state and federal individual privacy statutes.

Always First in Research and Development
R & D will always be Benson’s foundation. Unlike the competition, Benson does not outsource any aspect of software or hardware design. This means a team of software and hardware engineers working together to build an integrated system from the ground up. As a result, you will never purchase a hearing conservation or occupational spirometry system from us that combines an instrument designed by one company and software designed by a completely different company. Additionally, at Benson Medical all assembly takes place in the same facility shared by the engineers. Following completion, each audiometer, fit test system and spirometer is inspected and performance-validated. This teamwork-based business model for both design and manufacturing places Benson Medical in the lead as the only company offering a complete occupational health compliance package seamlessly integrating: audiometric, earplug fit and pulmonary function testing, powerful analysis, and in-depth reporting.

Delivering Up-to-the-Moment Customer Support
Along with having the most integrated, top-performing product line available today, Benson Medical has the best customer support team in place with direct, one-on-one access to both the design team and the professionals who have assembled and performance-tested your equipment. With the competition you may not even know who to call if your equipment malfunctions. The software group? The audiometer or spirometer manufacturer? If your supplier does not even know which side caused the breakdown a lot of time can be wasted. With Benson you always have easy access to one product design team, all under one roof. Additionally, each customer support team member knows the equipment inside and out: software and hardware design parameters, how the equipment is assembled, and (most importantly) how each audiometer works. These skill sets result in top-notch, up-to-the-moment product support.

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