A sampling of our standard reports

Subject Notification Letter: Notify your subject of the STS and medical referral results of the current test in 21 standard languages.

Company OSHA STS List: Subjects whose current test shows an OSHA STS.

Company OSHA Recordable Shift List: Subjects whose current test shows an OSHA recordable shift.

Company Test Schedule List: Subjects with no test in a range of dates or since a given date.

Subject Averages and Impairments: All tests with averages; PBI and STS calculations for the current test.
Subject Test—current test with averages.

Subject Test STS: Current and baseline tests with averages and STS calculations.

Subject Summary:
All tests with STS analysis; averages and graphical audiogram for the current test.

Company Medical Referral List: Subjects with a medical referral as defined by AAO-HNS 1996.

Company Exception List:
Subjects with missing or invalid data to ensure report validity.

Company Summary: Calculates and graphs the number and percentage of subjects with hearing loss, as well as those whose current test shows an OSHA STS or recordable shift.

Company Roster:
Demographic and test data for each subject.

All Company List:
Company addresses and options.

Easy, Automated Solutions.

Do you perform your own testing and reporting? Do you perform testing and send results to an outside source? Do you have a Quiet Room on site and require OSHA compliance? Benson Medical has a product to serve your needs.

When you compare our audiometers and accessories, you'll find quality products packed with features. From the plug and play CCA minis that integrate the best audiometry with your computer system, the stand-alone NEXT Audiometer, comprehensive Solo™ software or the BAS-200slm for Quiet Rooms testing, we help get the job done so you can move on to other tasks.

A variety of solutions
Want more convienience, check out the CCA-200mini. On a budget or want to do it yourself? Check out the CCA-100mini. Don't use a computer? Try our NEXT stand alone system.

Focus on what really matters
Our CCA-200mini features make sense. They've got your back. For example, our built-in Prohibit Feature automatically reminds you to conduct the OSHA-mandated Daily Calibration. An Annual Calibration Reminder is another integral part of the Prohibit Feature and is a good internal check for making sure your audiometer is within the manufacturer’s calibration specifications. All Hearing Conservation reports automatically capture these important checks, demonstrating your continued compliance with OSHA-mandated standards.

Simplifying Data Management
We make working in multiple languages a breeze and keep you accurate with alerts and instructions. And when it comes to forms, you'll get comprehensive output at a manageable size.

Choose the leader in hearing conservation for your testing program.Benson Medical Instruments designs and manufactures the most comprehensive and integrated Hearing Conservation Compliance Solutions available today—cost-effectively delivering thousands of audiometers to sites around the globe. Along with having the most integrated, top-performing product line available today, Benson has the best customer support team in place with direct, one-on-one access to both the design team and the professionals who have assembled and performance-tested your equipment.


Contact your Benson Medical Instruments dealer for a no obligation demonstration.

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